In this project, we want to offer you to become a real explorer for a short time and dive into the history with us. We all want to fulfill our lives with meaning, especially when traveling... especially to St. Petersburg!
And now more seriously...

“Metropolis” is our first immersive historical hotel, where rooms turn into almost a museum space, with the only difference that, unlike museums, everything can be touched, felt and interacted with.
But for those who are still not ready to fully immerse themselves in history, we can offer more classic accommodation, but even then you will find a whole story told inside your room.
After all, great events took place in our city that influenced who we are now.
This is why “Metropolis” appeared - a place where traveling, we not only sleep and have breakfast, but also get invaluable experience of knowledge in an interactive form.

And now even more seriously...

Here were written "Crime and Punishment", "The Bronze Horseman", "The Nose" and actually almost everything that we consider to be our heritage.
Before the revolution of 1917, the building №5 on Nevsky Avenue (the main street of the city) belonged to the Fire Insurance Company, which he inherited from the prominent St. Petersburg architect Harald Bosse.

The building was rebuilt for the needs of the company, as Bosse built it initially for himself, but the "traces" of the Bosse have survived to this day - you can see them in the rooms of our hotel. If you take a closer look at the fittings on the windows, his initials are still there.
Decorative elements on the railing in the front hall in the form of fire-breathing dragons have also been preserved.
We tried to preserve as much as possible everything that was possible - after all, during the 70 years of the Soviet regime,when, as part of the "consolidation", the Bolsheviks began to populate apartment buildings and the phenomenon of “communal apartments” appeared, a significant part of the architectural heritage of St. Petersburg was damaged or lost.

Words are blunt instrument when we want to express the feeling that we had when we first got into the last communal apartment on Nevsky 5.

It took us three years of life and a lot of nerve cells to settle it...
The depressing picture of the miserable existence of miserable people right in front of the main square of the city did not fit into my head... How is this even possible? Asking similar questions every day, we wandered through dirty decayed corridors.

reminder, inspiration and warning
Probably because of the unwillingness to fall into utter despondency, the idea of “Metropolis” emerged: after seeing something very sad, we wanted to "write" an ode, homage to everything good and beautiful that humans are capable of.

We chose nine of the most inspiring stories from our history, renovated everything that could be renovated - doors, ceilings, walls and as a result our hotel appeared - a reminder, inspiration and warning…

Then we decided not to stop there, and continued our story about the former grandeur, but in another European capital with a complex history - Budapest.